About the Investiture

What is an investiture?

An investiture at a university is a significant ceremony where a new chancellor is formally introduced and vested with the authority to lead the institution. It's a crucial event in academia, symbolizing the official transfer of leadership responsibilities. During the investiture, the chancellor is adorned in ceremonial regalia, and the ceremony often includes traditional rituals and speeches that highlight the university's values and academic mission. Attending an investiture allows guests to witness and celebrate the commitment of the new chancellor to advancing academic excellence and guiding the university community toward its goals. It's a moment of institutional pride and underscores the importance of leadership continuity in the academic realm.

Why is UT Martin hosting an investiture?

The investiture serves as a platform to celebrate the university's commitment to academic excellence and its mission. Hosting such an event underscores the importance of recognizing and supporting the new chancellor's role in guiding the university community toward its collective goals. It is an opportunity for the university to showcase its institutional pride and emphasize the continuity of strong leadership within the academic community. We are prepared to “Ready, Set, Soar.”